This was a 3person group project. We explored possibilities of mass manufacturing with metal and cork with cost consideration. In addition, bringing an idea of free roaming to nature just as easy with a USB charger.

Buoy is a portable and rechargeable lamp based on the idea that people should be free to roam as they please when choosing a place to mingle amongst nature. The concept derives from the idea of floating navigation buoys, which guide sailors even during the darkest moments. 

The result is a small, terrain adaptable, adjustable beacon of light that can be carried from kiosks, food trucks, outdoor restaurants, towards your place of choice. So you never have to be constrained to fixed seating areas again, and are able to enjoy nature how it’s supposed to be: naturally.

Group project with Ida Gudrunsdotterand & Juliana De Filippis in Lund University. All photos taken by Ida G.