Swimmer's Footwear

A 2 weeks footwear task for my own development.

I have demonstrated what I have learned in the Adidas from footwear ideation, creation to rendering on Cintiq screen. This is the first time I have implement my sports passion in swimming and diving into a footwear collection and practicing sketching ideation.

The brief was about imagining a collaboration with a star athlete. I chose to visualize my olympic & water fantasy into a footwear collection as a tool to support the sports. The first start athlete appear in my mind was Michael Phelps. As a competitive swimmer during high school, I summed up my experience and today’s problem, finding solution to conceptualize the brief.

The process was intense, I was given feedback in the process that my training shoes need more technical aspect. I had at least redesign and redefine the collection several times before doing the last rendering.